Brightblood: A Fantasy Novel Series


Brightblood: A Fantasy Novel Series

This novel is a mix between Sword and Sorcery, Magical Realism, and Mythic Fantasy genres. It dives into the realm of Delahden to follow the stories of Kaidrick Brightblood, Adiah Ruddland, and Havbjörn Abilgaurd as they attempt to defeat the malevolence terrorizing their world.

Brightblood Character Descriptions

Kaidrick Brightblood

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Adiah Rudland

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Havbjörn Abilguard

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Thanna Nerezza

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Lands, Races, and Peoples of Delahden

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Brightblood’s Magic System

The Magic system in the realm of Delahden is not a complex one. The magic itself is drawn from the earth, which is actually remnants of the frost giant Ymir’s body. Certain people can also tap into their own soul to draw additional magic, but this is highly frowned upon and comes at a hefty price. Any and all can “practice” magic, but not all can actually manifest the power needed to extract it from the earth.

Typically, once someone realizes they have the ability to use magic they will almost immediately know which of the four main fields they belong to; Artifice Magic, Philo Magic, Khaos Magic, or Life Magic. However, some may possess The Gift, which gives them the ability to use all four fields at will. There is a fifth, lesser known, field as well, and it is known as death magic. This is the magic that draws upon the soul to be cast, and it only calls upon those with The Gift.

Outside of Death Magic, there are no drawbacks associated with the use of magic. Too much of it at any given time can be detrimental the mind and body, but as a spell-caster ages and hones their abilities they also build up a higher threshold for that detriment. There is no limit to magic either, as it is drawn from a frost giants remains, and many test its boundaries regularly.

Magic is practiced across the realm of Delahden, but it is not accepted in all areas. The Humans of The Heittlands have banned it from their lands in hopes of keeping as much peace as possible, yet the Nordic folk of Nepja freely partake in it. The people of Ohtamoor survive on it, and you wouldn’t be surprised to find many refugees from The Heittlands who make their way across the border into its neighboring sister lands.

Fields of Magic
Artifice Magic

Those who practice Artifice Magic are known as Artificiens (Art-afis-ians).

Philo Magic

Those who practice Philo Magic are known as Philoans (Phi-low-ens).

Khaos Magic

Those who practice Khaos Magic are known as Khaos Weavers but are also often referred to as Battle Casters.

Life Magic

Those who practice Life Magic are known as Aeviens (Ah-v-ens).

Death Magic

The few who find themselves down the destructive path of Death Magic are referred to as Soul Breakers.

“If they succumb to its temptations, they will find themselves spiraling down a path of darkness that will piece by piece rip apart their soul.”

Delahden Religions

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Brightblood Guilds

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