My Weekly Review (#7) – Wizards Unite

My Weekly Review (#7) – Wizards Unite

Good Morning Everyone! I’m sure many of you are already well into this weeks recommendation, but I still had to share why Niantic’s most recent release (Wizards Unite) is a must play for this summer.

Where do I even begin!? My excitement for this game has been palpable over the last few months. Wizards unite is an actual reality game for your phone/tablet that allows you to help save the wizarding world from “The Calamity”. It is essentially Pokémon Go, but for Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts fans like myself. I was a hugeeeee fan of this new genre when Pokémon Go released in mid 2016, but I am much more of a Harry Potter fan than I am a Pokémon fan so this is huge for me.

Over the last week and a half I have logged quite a few hours into Wizards Unite, and I am not even one bit ashamed. It has brought me back to my childhood while also encouraging me to go out and explore the realm of witches and wizards that I wished I could have been a part of since the second grade. It immerses you in the wizarding world we all grew to love over the years and allows you to cast spells, create potions, and even unlock portkeys!

There are some things that I believe could be tweaked over the upcoming weeks to make the game play better (easier energy refills, more portkey backgrounds, etc.) but all in all I would rate Wizards Unite a nine out of ten! So for all of you Harry Potter geeks out there, or even people who just like AR games, go download and explore Wizards Unite now!

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