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Welcome to DustyPosts! If you head to my blog you will find a wide array of content. If you follow the menu links to The Dawn, The Rift, or Brightblood, you will be immersed within the realm of Delahden, the fantasy world where my books take place. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my site!

Keto Chili Recipe

Keto Chili Instant Pot Recipe

How to Make Keto Chili in your Instant Pot As the temperature dipped down into the low 50s this weekend I decided to bust out my old keto chili recipe. There’s nothing better than a warm, hearty bowl of chili when its chilly, am I right!? This recipe is extremely simple and only requires about […]

Raid: Shadow Legends

A Raid: Shadow Legends Review

A Raid: Shadow Legends Review For those of you new to my content, I am pretty big into video games. Granted, I am nowhere near as much of a gaming nerd as I was back in my younger days, but I still play quite a bit in all honesty. The latest game I’ve been hooked […]

keto friendly chicken alfredo

How To Make Keto Friendly Chicken Alfredo

How To Make Keto Friendly Chicken Alfredo Are you avoiding chicken alfredo while on your keto diet because of all those carbs that are in pasta? Well I have just the meal plan hack for you then. This simple recipe will satiate your craving for delicious alfredo all while keeping carbs low and fats high. […]

The Witcher and his horse, Roach.

The Witcher Season Two Prediction Guide

The Witcher Season Two Prediction Guide I’m preparing for my fourth (yes, I said fourth) watch through of Netflix’s The Witcher, which was the greatest show of 2019. As I’m recapping in my head I wonder about all the things that could’ve been in season one that weren’t and how those items will more than […]


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Bronze Tier ($5): This first tier will mainly showcase snippets of completed chapters as well as other general book knowledge. Things you could expect to under “general book knowledge” would be as follows: Detailed Brightblood character descriptions, race & religion descriptions, How I came up with certain aspects of my novel, etc.

Gold Tier ($7): Next up, the Gold Tier. This tier includes everything from the tier above as well as potential full chapters from Brightblood, Bestiaries, and more as I see fit.

Titanite Tier ($10): No ads… you bet! The Titanite subscription will remove any and all ads across the ENTIRE site. On top of that, this tier will contain concept ideas, giveaways, mini-series info, and more!

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