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Welcome to DustyPosts! If you head to my blog you will find a wide array of content. If you follow the menu links to The Dawn, The Rift, or Brightblood, you will be immersed within the realm of Delahden, the fantasy world where my books take place. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my site!

The Witcher and his horse, Roach.

The Witcher Season Two Prediction Guide

The Witcher Season Two Prediction Guide I’m preparing for my fourth (yes, I said fourth) watch through of Netflix’s The Witcher, which was the greatest show of 2019. As I’m recapping in my head I wonder about all the things that could’ve been in season one that weren’t and how those items will more than […]

Setting Goals: Blogger Edition

Setting Goals: Blogger Edition

Setting Goals: Blogger Edition As we near the halfway point of Q1, it’s officially time to take a peak under the hood at those goals we set back in 2019. As a new blogger, writer, site owner, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or anticipate going forward into my first full year in the […]


Six Things to Know About Owning a Husky

Six Things to Know About Owning a Husky Are you looking into getting a husky? Are you curious about their temperament or what you’d be in for if you found yourself with a cute little husky pup? Well then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide I’ll cover some key topics that many […]

The Last of Us: Part II's Ellie

The Last of Us: Part II – Review and Guide

The Last of Us: Part II – Everything You Need to Know I may be a bit behind on this, but as I was verifying how many days were left until The Last of Us: Part II is released, I found out that the release got pushed back to May 29th! While that is extremely […]


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Bronze Tier ($5): This first tier will mainly showcase snippets of completed chapters as well as other general book knowledge. Things you could expect to under “general book knowledge” would be as follows: Detailed Brightblood character descriptions, race & religion descriptions, How I came up with certain aspects of my novel, etc.

Gold Tier ($7): Next up, the Gold Tier. This tier includes everything from the tier above as well as potential full chapters from Brightblood, Bestiaries, and more as I see fit.

Titanite Tier ($10): No ads… you bet! The Titanite subscription will remove any and all ads across the ENTIRE site. On top of that, this tier will contain concept ideas, giveaways, mini-series info, and more!

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